Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hidden Face

I love its happy colors. That is why is lately the display on top of my refrigerator. Aside from the hidden face at the center, which is really obvious, there is also another hidden info in it. Find it and you'll know what this info means, of course.

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Salt crystals, sugar crystals, the blood on the kitchen, the orange pulp and white dish washing liquid - these are the inspirations of this painting.

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Fiery Seed

This has at least three layers. I liked it when I first saw it out of my temper. It eased my mind afterwards.

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What's Inside

This is another painting that I had more than five layers. I didn't stop putting a layer different media on top of it until I ended up with with look, which I felt happy of the result.

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Seeing Hill Above the Hill

This is another inspiration from my hometown. I used to see this hill every day during my childhood days. It's a hill we used as a Calvary Hill during holy week season. The rest of the foreground details are from other angles.

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Behind the Blanket

It's an inspiration I had during my vacation in my hometown. One morning when I left from bed and went on a hike, I saw a beautiful sunrise. So, I just thought of painting a sunrise behind a crumpled blanket. Ayus!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Splash of Gold

This painting has several layers. Each layer reflects a sudden shift of moods I had at the moment. On top of it, I painted it with gold as if it was accidentally splashed. I liked its effect so I kept it as its final layer.

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